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FeedMe is the app that will guide you to the Foodland. With this app, you receive all access to local restaurants and other food services that are serving fresh surplus meals and unique deals for a discounted price! “Every Body Eats”

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Japanese Restaurant
2,741 (Reviews)
Family Restaurant
2,741 (Reviews)
2,741 (Reviews)
Seafood and Italian Restaurant
2,741 (Reviews)
Coffee and Grill
2,741 (Reviews)
Traditional Food
2,741 (Reviews)

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Frequently Ask Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions about how FeedMe works!

Will eating a surplus meal effect my health?

No worries! Here at FeedMe we take health protocols very serious. The vendors who are affiliated with FeedMe have strict USDA guidelines they follow. FeedMe also has guidelines that instruct only fresh surplus food is to be served to the customer.

Are the meals hot and ready to eat?

Of Course! Meals that are being served to the customer will be a hot and ready surplus meal or a fresh unique deal offered by the vendor.

What payment options are available?

Debit/Credit card is essential while using this app. Some vendors will give you an option to use cash. Apple Pay is an option.

Does FeedMe deliver?

FeedMe doesn't have the delivery option. All meals must be picked up by customer based on the time agreed upon with the vendor.

What discount do you get with the FeedMe app?

FeedMe allows our partners to make a decision on how much money their willing to take off for a surplus meal or unique deal. We encourage a fair exchange throughout every transaction.

Can I order for someone else?

Why not! Hopefully the person you're ordering the meal for realizes this is a must have app!
What seperates us

About FeedMe

FeedMe normalizes consuming extra meals from restaurants at a discount as an economical and environmentally conscious way for everyday people! This is where “Everybody Eats!”

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